BPH Treatment in Canada


BPH Treatment in Canada

GreenLight PVP Laser Treatment and clinically-proven procedure for alleviating lower urinary tract symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)1,2,3. It reshapes the anatomy of the prostate, gently widening the opening through which urine passes, without burning or cutting out prostate tissue or leaving a permanent implant. This simple, minimally invasive procedure has been shown to be safe and effective in multiple studies, including one randomised controlled trial comparing iTind with a sham.

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At three years of follow up, all available data from iTind-related studies, including both PUL and Rezum, show significant improvements in IPSS, quality of life, peak urinary flow, post void residual urine, and ejaculatory function1,2,3,4. The results from these studies, based on the iTind device placed in the prostatic urethra for 5-7 days, showed that it does not interfere with sexual or ejaculatory functions1.

A model-based economic evaluation, which took into account both medical and socioeconomic costs (from healthcare payers) per quality adjusted life year, demonstrated that iTind is cost-effective compared to first-line pharmacotherapy and TURP as a second-line therapy. This cost-effectiveness is supported by a number of important aspects, such as the low incidence of complications associated with iTind and the short recovery time.

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