Breathwork Training


Breathwork Training

The practice of breathwork, which focuses on the power of the breath and breathing techniques that help release tension and trauma, is becoming increasingly popular. More and more studios and teachers are introducing respiration-focused retreats, classes, digital classes, and one-on-one coaching sessions to their offerings. This is in response to the growing interest in breathing as a way to boost energy, lower stress levels, release emotions, increase focus, and heal from trauma and grief. This link

The Benefits of Breathwork Training for Stress Relief

Breathwork is also known to improve mental health by lowering stress levels and reducing symptoms of depression, and it can help people with chronic illness to find relief from pain and fatigue. In addition, a number of studies have found that the practice can enhance physical performance and help individuals handle fatigue and illness by optimizing oxygen usage.

If you’re interested in learning more about breathwork, check out the Othership app, where users can find thousands of live and on-demand breathwork classes to boost mood, transform anxiety, let go of stress, and create a sense of grounded well-being. The platform connects individuals with practitioners around the world and is a great resource for finding someone local to provide a session.

To become a breathwork coach, the Breath Mastery Coach Practitioner Training program is a comprehensive option that includes helpful reading and video materials, as well as group coaching sessions. It also covers the many different types of breathwork available, how to coach a client safely and effectively, and how to run a successful breathwork business.

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