Celebrating the Heroes – Iconic Live Football Matches Revisited


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The Dynamics of Live Football: An Inside Look

At the awards ceremony, Clare talked to Fabrice Muamba’s parents again who still talk so fondly of their son, a man who lived and breathed football and did everything for his team. And she caught up with Paralympic swimming hero Josef Craig, the man who won gold in his event despite being paralysed from the chest down, and to Sue & Jim Houghton, community sports organisers who raised millions to give their village a range of facilities that can be used by all.

The evening was closed by clips from the Olympics & Paralympics, and a parade with athletes in their national colours. The parade was accompanied by a stunning flypast of the BA plane that brought the flame to the UK months earlier (painted gold with “Thank You”), then a formation of 4 helicopters (2 Lynx, a Puma and a Sea King) and finally the Red Arrows. Katherine Jenkins sang the national anthem, and the Noisettes finished with their song Winner.

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