How to Apply a CBD Cream For Neck Pain


cbd cream for neck pain

When your neck is sore, CBD can help you find relief. You can find it in creams and salves that are rubbed directly into the neck or shoulder. It can also be added to edibles and vape products for use at other times of the day, though you will likely wait longer for the effects to peak.

You can also find CBD in capsules for a more discreet way to take it. You should always consult with your doctor before using a new product, including cbd cream for neck pain. They can let you know if it is safe for your condition and what dosage to start with.

Before you apply a cbd cream for neck pain, make sure the skin is clean. Any dirt or sweat might interfere with the effectiveness of the CBD. You may want to wash the area with warm water, a clean washcloth, or a paper towel.

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Once you have the skin clean, apply a generous amount of the cream. You can adjust this over time based on your pain’s severity and the cream’s concentration. Rub the cream into the skin in circular motions. This helps the CBD absorb and increase blood flow to the area, boosting your pain relief.

Be careful not to apply the cream to the eyes, nose, or mouth. These areas are especially sensitive and can react poorly to certain ingredients in a cream. You should also patch test the cream to check for any reactions.

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