BlazePod Vs FitLight – Which Flash Reaction Training System is Best For You?


Blazepod vs fitlight are both flash reaction training systems that help improve agility, coordination and reaction time. The two systems are similar in many ways but differ in a few important areas that can have an impact on your overall experience. This article compares blazepod vs fitlight to evaluate which system is best for your specific needs and goals.

In the standard BlazePod kit you’ll find four mesmerizing RGB LED pods that shine in one of 8 colors. These durable, weatherproof and smash-proof pods can be used indoors or out, rain or sunshine. With a 40-meter device to pod range and battery life of up to 5 hours, this system is perfect for individuals or teams who want to build sophisticated reaction training drills for any sport or martial arts training.

Lighting up Your Training: A Comprehensive Comparison of BlazePod vs. FitLight

This wireless reaction training system also has a few differences from its competitor including the fact that it doesn’t require a tablet for operation and instead works entirely via an iOS or Android smartphone app. This could be an important advantage for some people as it does cut down on cost while still allowing you to use the apps and features that you already own.

The other main difference between BlazePod and its competitor is the number of available colors and the level of customization that is possible with the device. FitLight offers a total of 6 LED colors compared to BlazePod’s 8, and it also doesn’t offer as many different types of workouts or advanced tracking capabilities.

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