Injury Care Centers – Jacksonville Fl


Pain and injuries can affect every aspect of your life. Daily tasks become difficult to complete, and family dynamics can change. Whether the pain is related to an auto accident, sports or recreational injury, chronic pain, or the sudden onset of pain, you can count on injury care centers jacksonville fl to provide the medical care you need.

What to do when there is an injury in the workplace?

Our physicians will perform a thorough evaluation of your injury and provide tests, scans, and an MRI as needed. Then they will develop the best treatment plan to help you recover. We are here for you from the beginning to the end of your recovery.

Injury Care Centers is a full-service urgent care clinic designed to offer immediate medical attention to patients who need it. The clinic provides a wide range of urgent care services, including abscess treatment, asthma treatment, burn treatment, cyst treatment, foreign body removal, IV hydration, laceration repair (stitches), ear wax removal, and more. Additionally, the clinic offers a number of lab and diagnostic tests, including flu tests, glucose tests, STD testing, pregnancy tests, allergy tests, strep tests, TB tests, and various X-ray options.

In addition, Injury Care Centers Southside is fully equipped to handle travel-related health concerns and offers vaccinations for yellow fever, typhoid, shingles, measles, and chickenpox. The clinic also accepts various insurance types, including Medicare and PPO, making it easy for patients to access the medical care they need. Visit the clinic today to get started on your road to recovery.

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